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Danielle Sumy
2016-05-17 19:56:40
Do you or your graduate students need some additional help in the field this summer? IRIS, in collaboration with the University of Texas - El Paso, are matching 10 freshman and sophomore undergraduate students with qualifying field excursions through the Field Experience Program (FieldXP). These students will receive a $600 from IRIS to help offset travel expenses. The students are free for one to three weeks between May 23 - August 5.

The goal of the program is to provide these undergraduate geology and environmental science majors with hands-on field experiences, while providing PI’s and graduate students with low cost field assistance. The field work does not have to be seismology related!

Interested? Contact Danielle Sumy (sumy<at> <sumy<at>>) for more information.
Danielle Sumy, PhD
Project Associate
Instrumentation Services
Education and Public Outreach
Phone: 202-682-2220 x168
Email: danielle.sumy<at>

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