Thread: SIG at IRIS Workshop on Advances in Quick Deploy strategies for Broad- and Intermediate- period deployments

Started: 2016-05-19 23:57:00
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Lara Wagner
Carnegie Institution for Science

We are looking for people interested in sharing their recent ideas/development efforts/strategies/technologies for broad and intermediate period deployments aimed at making it easier to install ever larger numbers of these stations. In particular, we would like people to bring their latest hardware for show-and-tell at the IRIS workshop to share with the community of portable instrument users who could benefit from these emerging strategies and technologies. Examples might include quick deploy boxes (e.g. Mevo/Biho boxes, Carnegie Quick Deploy Boxes), home-made digitizers, innovative power solutions or telemetry options, clever ways to manage security and reduce station footprint to ease permitting, etc.

If you are interested in bringing equipment to the IRIS workshop for this SIG, please do so. If you would like to give a brief (1 - 3 slide) presentation, please contact Lara Wagner (lwagner<at> so we can schedule accordingly.

Even if you are not working on your own equipment, we would really value your input at this SIG. Our collective expertise on field deployments is great, and we hope to harness this input at this meeting.

Lara Wagner
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Kent Anderson
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