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Hi Andreas,
Thanks, ha ha yes, I didn't expect my old text to grow that long !


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1. Re: 3 questions (andreas wessel)


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Hi there,

for the first problem I would try to write a script that edits just one
at a time. Then one could run that script in a for loop for all files..

something like
for j in *.sac; do
"script" $j

or something similar..

ps: can you please not send 2.5 kilometers of old text with your mails :)

On 11/30/06, Januka Attanayake <jattanayake<at>> wrote:


I have 3 questions today !

1) I have the following piece of script that I use to mark t0 on the

r 1 2 3
ppk --->(I mark t0 using the cursor)
setbb t0 &1, t0 &2, t0 &3
r 1 2 3
ch t0 %t0
w over

say I have 500 seismograms, how do I replace " setbb t0 &1, t0 &2, t0 &3
so that I can mark t0 all together?

2) If I have again a bunch of seismograms that I need to seperate
according to distance how do I do that? is there a script that I can
use to
do this?

3) How can I make an ASCII file (2-column, time and amplitude) from a
file that I down load from IRIS?

Thank you ..!


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