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2006-10-25 18:21:43
Dear IRIS colleagues,

I recently had the fun of presenting the IRIS opportunity to a group of
attendees to the CAPCUE conference (Capitol Computer Users in Education)
in Sacramento, CA. I put together a Powerpoint for the presentation
that summarizes the seismograph program specifically and offers other
resources for Earth science teaching.

If the presentation would be of use to you, you can find it at, along
with a resource organizer with links and the analysis form I use here.

This version is actually an adaptation of the student AS-1 introduction
Powerpoint I use, which is also available on the 6th grade page of my
site, URL below.


Bill Storm
Science Specialist
Valley Oak Elementary
1400 E. 8th Street
Davis, CA 95616


"Learning is experience. Everything else is just information." - Albert

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