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Started: 2007-01-26 03:38:03
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John or Jan Lahr
2007-01-26 03:38:03
Hi Greg,

I have a number of Win98 computers that have USB ports. If the problem
is that the USB port will not read a thumb drive, then you can download
the necessary driver from the manufacturer of the thumb drive. Use a
floppy disk or a CD to transfer the file that you download from the
onto your Internet PC to the Win98 computer's disk. Then install the
driver and you're set to go.

Keep the same directory structure. The year directory, such as 2007,
must be directly below the c:\amasies directory.

Good luck,

Quoting Craig Messerman <cmesserman<at>>:

Hi All,
Our AS1 is currently running on an old Win98 machine that is not
network capable and its USB ports are not enabled. It does have a zip
drive. I aquired a newer machine, but I can't figure out an efficient
way to move two years of data to the new machine. The zip drive is
very slow and the disks don't hold much more than a month or two of
data (does that sound right?). I could go back and note the dates of
major events and just move the folders for those days, but could I
just drop them into the month folders on the new machine? Any
thoughts would be appreciated.

Craig Messerman
Sentinel High School, Missoula, Montana

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