Thread: Re: M 7.2 in the Northern Mariana Islands

Started: 2007-10-31 19:20:26
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Craig Messerman
2007-10-31 19:20:26
We got the Bay Area quake on the same line here in Montana. They look almost identical.

Craig Messerman
Sentinel High School, Missoula, Montana
John Lahr <johnjan<at>> 10/31/07 10:43 AM >>>
Yesterday's M 7.2 event should have been well recorded.


I've posted some information here:
including seismograms from my AS-1 in Corvallis, Oregon, and Robert
Butler's AS-1 in Portland, Oregon.

If you didn't record anything, take a look at the FAQ page here: and you may discover what went wrong.


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