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Started: 2007-12-07 00:26:28
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John Taber
2007-12-07 00:26:28
Dear Colleagues and Friends,

IRIS is currently redesigning its website with a target launch date
of June 2008. Our primary goals for this project are to gain a more
professional look, make specific information easier to find, and
better meet the needs of all website visitors.

We are seeking input from anyone who interacts with the IRIS website,
whether you are an IRIS member, a researcher seeking data, an educator
seeking resources, or a curious individual interested in seismology.
Your feedback will help us redesign the IRIS website to better serve
everyone who visits it. Please contribute your feedback by completing
our short web-based survey at:

The survey should take fewer than five minutes to fill out. Please be
as descriptive in your responses as possible and provide any specific
details and suggestions that you think will be of help. Your answers
will be most useful if you complete the survey by December 31, 2007.

Thanks for your input!

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