Thread: reducing the "carbon footprint " of dataloggers

Started: 2007-12-20 18:57:10
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paul denton
2007-12-20 18:57:10
I have had a school in the UK concerned about the "carbon footprint"
of having a dedicated PC running 24/7 to act as a datalogger and TCP
sever for the amaseis datalogger system.

Has anyone every tried using the amaseis datalogger system with a
serial-ethernet convertor attached to the seismometer and having
amaseis running on a remote PC. I realise that you still need to
have a PC running 24/7 with this system however schools will usually
have a central server which is running anyway and the idea is that if
you can use this central server as teh PC running amaseis and just
have a low power device attached to the seismometer electronics you
are at least cutting out the requirement for a dedicated PC next to
the seismometer.


paul denton
UK school seismology project leader
British Geological Survey
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