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Started: 2010-09-07 02:51:07
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Tammy Bravo
2010-09-07 02:51:07
Welcome back to school everyone!

It is time again for the fall check-in. We again have created a short
survey that we need everyone to complete available at- or linked from the 'What's New'
section on the front page of the Seismographs in Schools website- It will give us a chance to update
information, find any stations that need help getting back online, and
help us prioritize new efforts in the program. I know there are
stations out there waiting for a replacement black box, great news, we
should have a substantial supply within a few weeks. If you are
waiting, please check in with me so I can get them out as quickly as I
receive them!

This last Friday there was a magnitude 7.0 earthquake in New Zealand.
First, we have prepared a Teachable Moment presentation, available
from- This teachable moment includes: a
two-page PDF that contains basic information about the earthquake and
its plate tectonic setting (great for use in the classroom or posting
on a bulletin board), a 19 slide PowerPoint that includes basic to
advanced information about the earthquake and its impact (edit the
PowerPoint for use in your classroom to match the level of your
students), and finally, a QuickTime animation that shows the paths of
seismic waves from the earthquake to North America along with a
seismogram of the earthquake waves recorded by the educational
seismometer at the University of Portland in Portland, Oregon.

Secondly, everyone in the US should have recorded this earthquake and
this provides a great opportunity to check your seismograph to confirm
that it is working. See the attached newsletter for more information.

Attached is the September issue of the IRIS Seismographs in Schools
monthly newsletter! If you have any problem with the attachment, the
newsletter is also available in the 'What's New' section on the front
page of the Seismographs in Schools website.

Best wishes for a great year!


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