Thread: Recording the Full Seismic Wavefield Online Workshop 2: Polar Seismology, 6/24

Started: 2014-06-03 20:00:52
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Tuesday, June 24th, 2-4 PM EDT / 11 AM-1 PM PDT

Convenors: Rick Aster (Rick.Aster<at> and Samantha Hansen
Registration required -- see below. The workshop will be recorded and
posted online. *

Evolving technologies will allow the deployment of much denser uniform
and multi-scale seismic arrays/networks that are capable of recording
increasingly well-sampled wavefields, thus reducing or eliminating
spatial aliasing. The resulting datasets will enable new methods that
can transform studies of seismic sources and of Earth structure.

This workshop will focus on polar seismology. The workshop will ask the
*"What key and new science directions in cryosphere and/or polar regions
would be advanced by full-wavefield seismic data?" *
To register:* There are approximately 20 spots available. Please email
Andy Frassetto (andyf<at> if you wish to attend and you will
receive a link to the workshop.

*To submit a 1-slide idea for discussion:* Email in .pdf format to Andy,
Rick, and Sam by Friday, June 20th. Slides are welcome from those unable
to attend, but should include a few words to go with the slide.

IRIS is hosting this online workshop as part of series to gather input
from the broader seismological community about the potential scientific
benefits of densely sampled full-wavefield seismic data at all scales,
from global to soils. Stay tuned for workshops focused on other seismic
applications. More information, including the recordings of previous
workshops, is available at:

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