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Andy Frassetto
2014-06-05 19:06:33
Copenhagen is rather nice in early September.

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Subject: [iris-bulk] invitation to PhD Course in Copenhagen
Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2014 15:06:05 +0200
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Dear Colleague,

we would like to invite PhD student to participate to the PhD course :
"Advanced Seismic Imaging of the Lithosphere" that will take place in
Copenhagen form 1st to 5th of September 2014.

The course provides unique opportunity to learn about wave propagation
modeling and wave-based imaging that are essential to improve knowledge
of the current thermal and compositional state of the lithosphere; more
details are given in the enclosed flyer.

The two lecturers, Lapo Boschi (UPMC, Paris) and Tarje Nissen-Meyer
(University of Oxford, UK) are renowned scientists working at the
frontier of modern seismological techniques.

The course is funded by the PhD school of Science of the University of
Copenhagen and participation is free. Participants are requested to
arrange by their own travel and accommodation.

Please inform any prospective participant. Registration deadline is
August 1st, but do register as soon as possible to the organiser: Fabio
Cammarano at fc<at> <fc<at>>

Contact the organiser also regarding special need assistance or further
information about the course.

Thank you,

Assoc. Prof. Fabio Cammarano
Department of Geography and Geology,
University of Copenhagen,

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