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*Project Associate**
**Ocean Bottom Seismograph Instrument Pool and Instrumentation Services*
(Washington, DC)

The Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS, is a university research consortium dedicated to refining
the understanding of the Earth through the collection and distribution
of seismographic data. IRIS programs, funded by the National Science
Foundation, contribute to scholarly research, education, earthquake
hazard mitigation, and the verification of a Comprehensive Test Ban
Treaty. Part of this mission includes management of the Ocean Bottom
Seismograph Instrument Pool (OBSIP), facilitating the collection of
high-quality marine seismological data. We seek a Project Associate to
work predominantly on key tasks related to the OBSIP program and
participate in the activities of other IRIS Instrumentation Services
programs, such as the USArray Transportable Array.

The Project Associate will work closely with the OBSIP Program Manager
to perform quality assurance for all OBSIP data, develop and utilize
software tools, document OBSIP data analyses, and maintain the schedule
for OBSIP facility operations. This position will also work with the
Director of Instrumentation Services and other IRIS managers to collect
and assemble technical data for reporting, presentations, and related
project management tasks. Other potential tasks include working with
seismological data and software tools for special studies, presenting
project data, and preparing and editing content for IRIS web pages. The
Project Associate will routinely interact with OBSIP instrument
operators and scientists within the IRIS community. There is the
expectation to attend and participate in regular workshops and
scientific conferences. This job provides a unique opportunity to
utilize scientific skills while participating in activities related to
the management of large-scale seismological infrastructure.

The ideal candidate will have a combination of knowledge, training,
and/or experience in: seismology, the Unix environment, seismological
software/tools, web authoring and office software, and
scientific/technical writing and presentations. A graduate degree in
geophysics/seismology, or equivalent experience, and strong
communication and problem solving skills are required. Experience with
OBS data and data corrections, relationship databases, and database
management systems are plusses. The candidate must be able to work
effectively and collegially with the IRIS Instrumentation Services team,
instrument operators, and the broader earth science research community.

We offer a competitive salary and excellent benefits. Candidates should
submit a letter of interest, a resume highlighting pertinent work
experience, and the contact information (name, phone number, and email)
for at least two references. To apply, these should be sent
electronically to hr<at> with the subject line "OBSIP Project
Associate". The position is available immediately, and applications will
be reviewed starting on April 30. More information is available here:

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