Thread: Webinar: How to respond to reviewers comments?

Started: 2015-10-05 16:54:22
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Topics: Early Careers
Danielle Sumy
2015-10-05 16:54:22
Thought this webinar on how to respond to reviewers comments would be
interesting for the early career community. Note the speaker is an editor
for geophysics and geochemistry, so right up our alley!


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our LIVE online lecture tomorrow and learn how to deal with reviewers'
comments *How to respond to reviewers' comments*,7e37b3e,7eb5ad4>
Tuesday 6th Oct, 2015 at 3pm CEST (UTC+2) Check your time zone,7e37b3e,7eb5ad5>
Duration: 40 min I Presented by Paul Cumine
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Paul Cumine has been a publisher at Elsevier for 2 years and is currently
responsible for the Geophysics and Geochemists portfolio. Prior to joining
Elsevier, he worked at Wiley for 5 years as a publisher in both Social
Sciences and Health Sciences. Paul has worked with over 100 journals and
their respective Editors, Board Members, Societies, reviewers, readers and
authors. All Elsevier Publishing Campus,7e37b3e,7eb5ad9>
resources are free and you can claim a certificate of attendance that
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