Thread: EGU2017 session: Geophysics, Petrology and Rheology of the Continental Moho Transition Zone

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Dear Colleagues,

We would like to draw your attention to the following session at the 2017 EGU General Assembly:

Geophysics, Petrology and Rheology of the Continental Moho Transition Zone

The session description is found below, the abstract submission deadline is January 11th. If you plan attend the meeting, book your accommodation early as other major events (conference, marathon) take place in town in the same week.

Looking forward to see you in Vienna,
Mattia Pistone, Luca Ziberna, Othmar Müntener and György Hetényi


Establishing the link between magma generation, transport, emplacement and eruption can significantly improve our understanding of crust-forming processes associated with plate tectonics. This helps to determine the architecture and composition of the almost inaccessible continental lower crust and upper mantle, including the Moho transition zone, acting as geophysical boundary between crust and mantle. There is a longstanding debate on the petrological, geochemical, rheological and seismic character of the continental Moho transition zone. Most areas with a presumed paleocrust-mantle transition zone are allochthonous with respect to the present-day mantle rocks. There are few places on Earth where high-resolution geophysical and outcrop data collectively provide precious insights into the crust-mantle transition, but no tight constraints determine the actual architecture of the continental lower crust and location and thickness of the Moho. We welcome field geologists, geochemists, petrologists, geophysicists and rock physicists who utilise field, numerical and experimental methods to address the following key questions:
- What is the architecture of the Moho transition zone?
- Which role do magmatism and tectonics play in the construction of the continental crust?
- How can we link rock chemistry, mineralogy and texture to seismic wave velocities to improve existing geophysical models at high spatial resolution (< 1 km scale)?
- What is the production and flux of heat and fluids in and across the continental Moho transition zone?
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