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Alice Gabriel
2016-12-19 23:14:21
Dear colleagues,

We would like to invite abstracts to the following interdisciplinary
session at EGU 2017 (23rd-28th April, Vienna):

*Numerical modeling of earthquake physics (SM2.3/EMRP4.14)*
(session description below)

*Invited presentations *by Jean-Paul *Ampuero *(Caltech, USA), Yumi
*Urata *(NIED,
Japan) and Takane *Hori *(Jamstec, Japan).

*Conveners:* Alice Gabriel, Hideo Aochi
*Abstract deadline: *11 Jan 2017

Note, that Vienna will be extremely busy just before and during EGU because
of the Vienna Marathon (on April 23) and another conference at the same
time as EGU. Please make your bookings way in advance (that is -- as soon
as possible).

On behalf of the co-convenor Hideo Aochi, and with apologies for


Numerical modeling of earthquakes provides new approaches to apprehend the
physics of earthquake rupture, seismic wave propagation, fault zone
evolution and seismic hazard assessment.

Recent advances in numerical algorithms and increasing computational power
enable unforeseen precision and details in physics-based earthquake
simulation but also pose challenges in terms of fully exploiting modern
supercomputing infrastructure, realistic parameterization of simulation
ingredients and the analysis of large synthetic datasets.

This session aims to bring together modelers and data analysists interested
in the physics and computational aspects of earthquake phenomena. We
welcome studies focusing on all aspects of the physics of various
earthquakes - from slow slip events and rupture dynamics to wave
propagation and ground motion analysis - and studies which further the
state-of-the art in the related computational and numerical aspects.

Dr. Alice-Agnes Gabriel
Assistant Professor of Geophysics
Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) Munich

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