Thread: matlab sac ERROR 8002

Started: 2008-02-27 22:22:10
Last activity: 2008-02-27 22:22:10
Topics: SAC Help
Pablo Palacios
2008-02-27 22:22:10

Hi all,

I can open matlab from any window. I am trying to use matlab from sac, but I can not link to it. The set of the current directory for matlab is ok, but after that the ERROR 8002 appears again. Also "mat file.m" does not work. I am using Suse. Could help me?

Pablo P.

SAC> setmat /home/igjica/Monitoring/bp10minBHZ/data/TUNGURAHUA/2006-07-14
SAC> mat
ERROR 8002: Cannot link to MATLAB shared object:

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