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Thorne Lay
2017-01-21 22:58:57
Dear colleagues,

The joint *Scientific Assembly of IAG* (International Association of
Geodesy) *and IASPEI *(International Association of Seismology and
Physics of the Earth's Interior) will be held at the Kobe International
Conference Center, Japan, from July 30 through August 4, 2017 .

The proposed scientific program consists of in total 43 symposia (7 IAG,
27 IASPEI and 9 Joint symposia). Among them, *you may be interested in*

*IAG-IASPEI Joint Symposium **J02 Recent Large and Destructive Earthquakes

*Convener: *Thorne Lay(University of California Santa Cruz, USA)
*Co-convener:*Manabu Hashimoto (Kyoto University, Japan)

Large, damaging earthquakes continue to strike globally, producing loss
of life and destruction in many regions around the world. In 2015 - 2016
alone, the Gorkha (Nepal), Meinog (Taiwan), Kumamoto (Japan), Muisne
(Ecuador), Amatrice (Italy), Kaikoura (New Zealand) and other
earthquakes resulted in serious regional damage. Earthquake science is
essential for revealing the nature of earthquake generation and for
extracting lessons from these events to help society reduce the impacts
of future events.

Geodesists and seismologists have been cooperating to unveil the secrets
of earthquakes. Recent development and deployment of
observation/measurement technologies such as space geodetic techniques
(real-time GNSS, InSAR, GRACE etc.), global and regional broadband
seismic networks, and tsunami recording systems now enable us
characterize the full earthquake cycle and to image the rupture process
of earthquakes with much higher resolution in space and time than before.

This session welcomes reports on all studies of recent devastating
earthquakes with geodetic/seismological/tsunami techniques, including
investigations of source process, slip distribution, damage,
pre/co/post-seismic deformation, geological/geophysical structure around
the source faults, tectonic implications, and other associated phenomena.

*Abstract*must be submitted at _*by
February 8, 2017*.
Other information such as travel support, registration, accommodation
and travel information can be found at the above site.

Please come join us in KOBE,
Thorne Lay and Manabu Hashimoto

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