Thread: calper & calib in pole zeroes

Started: 2008-05-28 18:09:47
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2008-05-28 18:09:47
I am using the TRANSFER function in sac 101.1 to deconvolve the instrument
response from several observations. I am using pole zeros files and when I
run the function I get the following error msg and the macro gets aborted.
When I use sac 100.0, I get this as a warning but the macro is executed.
Where should I set the calper & calib values? or should they be in the pole
zeros files?

warning msg:

Station (SA30 ), Channel (BHZ )
Nominal Calper not set. Setting Nominal Calper to -999.000000 to match
Wfdisc Calper
Sensor Calper not set. Setting Sensor Calper to 1.000000 to match Wfdisc
Response appears to be Un-Normalized.
Waveform appears to be unscaled.
Wfdisc calib value is (786432000.000000).
Waveform multiplied by 1.000000 after deconvolution.

Any response is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


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