Thread: Announcing PyWEED, a downloadable app for retrieving event-based seismic data

Started: 2017-12-20 17:53:52
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IRIS DMC is proud to announce the initial release of PyWEED.

PyWEED is the successor to the venerable JWEED application. It is a downloadable GUI application that can run on Windows, Mac, or Linux (64-bit) systems, built around the powerful ObsPy seismic toolkit.

PyWEED allows a user to select a set of seismic events, and a set of recording stations, then download timeseries data for each selected event from each selected station.

Features include:
* All data is retrieved using FDSN webservices (, so PyWEED can work with any datacenter supporting these services (
* GUI controls and an interactive map are used to define and preview the event and station selection.
* Timeseries data can be reviewed and refined before saving.
* The time window for each set of data can be defined in terms of phase arrival time from the event at that station.
* Data can be saved in a variety of formats, based on ObsPy support.

For more information, see the documentation pages at
Support is also available through the IRIS Message Center:

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