Thread: SSA 2018 abstract deadline for special session: Development and Validation of Statistical Models of Small-scale Heterogeneities

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Dear Colleagues,

We invite you to submit an abstract to the SSA 2018 Annual Meeting in the following technical session. The abstract deadline is 24 January 2018.
Development and Validation of Statistical Models of Small-scale Heterogeneities

Realistic small-scale variation of the media (velocity and/or density) and surface topography is important for modeling phases and coda amplitudes of broadband waves from regional seismic (earthquakes or explosions) sources. While the precise strength, locations, sizes and shapes of the heterogeneities are often unknown, statistical characterization of the heterogeneity can be used to simulate the ground motion variability due to seismic scattering processes. A wide variety of parameterizations, however, are available to characterize the statistical models (e.g., shape of the heterogeneity power spectrum and its depth dependence, as well as crack shapes, concentrations and orientations). Different parameterizations can produce similar seismograms that match aspects of observed ground motion, so association of observations with specific scattering mechanisms that can narrow the model space is critical to confident transport of prediction capability to new source-receiver paths. We welcome submissions focused on constraining values of and reducing the number of free parameters of statistical models of media heterogeneity, on observations of seismic scattering processes and on methods and results for modeling the scattered wave fields.

Session Conveners

G. Eli Baker, U.S. Air Force Research Lab, <glenn.baker.3<at>>
Kim B. Olsen, San Diego State University, <kbolsen<at>>
Yang Shen, University of Rhode Island, <y.shen<at>>
Vernon Cormier, University of Connecticut, <Vernon.cormier<at>>
W. Scott Phillips, Los Alamos National Laboratory, <wsp<at>>

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