Thread: SSA 2018 Technical Session - Structure and Dynamics of Earth’s Mantle

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Dear colleagues,
Please consider submitting an abstract to the session on Structure and Dynamics of Earth’s Mantle at the SSA-LACSC conference, May 14-17 in Miami, Florida, USA. You can access the conference website at: & the technical session descriptions at:
Note the deadline for abstract submission is Jan 24th, 2018. You can submit your abstract here
Structure and Dynamics of Earth’s Mantle

Understanding the structure and dynamics of Earth’s mantle provides key insights into the fate of subducted slabs, the evolution of Earth, the dynamic forces that help drive large scale surface tectonics and core-mantle interactions amongst other topics of interest. Recent advancements in global seismic station coverage as well as advances in computational techniques have led to a current renaissance in studies of Earth’s interior. For example, recent P-coda scattering studies and waveform tomography have provided new insight into the distribution of mantle heterogeneity and axisymmetric 2.5D theoretical waveform modeling has provided insight into the influence of topography on waveforms on major boundaries including the transition zone and core-mantle boundary. This broad session invites submissions from observational or theoretical studies in seismology, geophysics and geodynamics exploring Earth’s mantle.

Session Conveners
Elizabeth A. Vanacore (elizabeth.vanacore<at> <elizabeth.vanacore<at>>) , Puerto Rico Seismic Network
Fenglin Niu (niu<at> <niu<at>>), Rice University


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