Thread: READSP, WRITESP and spectral ratio

Started: 2009-06-09 23:14:06
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Shahar Shani Kadmiel
2009-06-09 23:14:06
I am trying to compute spectral ratios of between a hefty number of
files and I try it like this:

read /path_to_files/filenames*.sac
writesp over

read /path_to_other_files/otherfiles*.sac
writesp over

To this point every thing works well and I can even view with plotsp
and see what I am doing.

I now want to divide filenames by other_files hence get the spectral
ratio between them.

the * stands for sequential numbers and the number of file is the same
in the nominator and denominator.

how do you suggest I go at this?
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