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November 9, 2018

*Re: NE GSA Session on Dynamics of Northeastern North America*

Dear Colleague:

We are pleased to invite you to contribute to the session:

T16: Insights on the Ongoing Dynamics of Northeastern North America from
Geology and Geophysics

54th Annual Meeting of the Northeastern Section of the Geological
Society of America

March 17-19 in Portland, Maine.

*The abstract deadline is December 11, 2018.*

This session recognizes that Eastern North America has experienced many
cycles of tectonic and volcanic events, both in the past and ongoing.We
are hoping that it will provide a fresh cross-disciplinary synthesis of
the region, connect them events to lithospheric and asthenospheric
processes, distinguish and untangle their superimposed signatures, and
provide a perspective of their importance to continental margins, worldwide.

Further information, including instructions for submitting abstracts,
can be submitted through the GSA’s web site at:

We hope to see you in Portland!Feel free to contact one of us if you
have questions.


Bill Menke, for the Organizers

Session Organizers:

William Menke, Columbia University, menke<at>

Paul Karabinos, William College, pkarabin<at>

Vadim Levin, Rutgers University, vlevin<at>

Michael Williams, University of Massachusetts Amherst, mlw<at>

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