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Calum Chamberlain
2018-12-17 09:10:08
Dear Colleagues,

Please consider submitting an abstract to our session at SSA 2019 on repeating seismicity:

Using Repeating Seismicity to Probe Active Faults

Repeating seismicity provides a novel means of monitoring fault zone processes at depths commonly inaccessible. Various forms of repeating seismicity exist, and we invite studies from the broad suite of repeating seismicity including earthquakes, long-period events and low-frequency earthquakes. Recent studies have shown that repeating seismicity can be used to infer fault slip-rates and physical properties at depths relevant to earthquake nucleation. With growing datasets and computationally efficient routines for detection of repeating seismicity it is now possible to probe faults in great detail and for long durations. Data from catalogs of repeating seismicity can provide the basis for physically realistic models of earthquake cycles and triggering and interaction of seismicity. We invite contributions relating to field and laboratory observations of repeating seismicity, advances in the detection and parameterization of repeating seismicity and the modelling of repeating seismicity.


Calum J. Chamberlain, Victoria University of Wellington (calum.chamberlain<at><calum.chamberlain<at>>);

Amanda M. Thomas, University of Oregon (amt.seismo<at><amt.seismo<at>>);

William B. Frank, University of Southern California (wbfrank<at><wbfrank<at>>)

Kind regards,

Calum Chamberlain

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