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Dear Colleagues
Just to draw your attention to a session at IUGG 2019..please circulate to other colleagues who may be interested..
thanks in advance and best wishes

Probabilistic & Statistical Approaches in Geosciences

Kerry Gallagher (France)
N. Sneeuw (Germany)
Andrew Bell (UK)

Probabilistic and statistical approaches to modeling different types of Geoscience data have become more popular in the last 15--20 years, partly due to advances in methodological approaches and algorithms, and also due to increasing computing power. Different applications include analysis of large and/or complex data sets, inverse modeling, model choice, assessment of multiple forward modeling scenarios and forecasting, all potentially allowing for uncertainties in observations, model formulations and estimation of model parameters. In this session, we solicit submissions addressing new methods, comparisons of methods and application/ case studies of probabilistic/statistical techniques aimed at improving how we can identify and extract information from data and models in the general context of the Geosciences.

The general website is

Abstract submission deadline is February 18 and is done online via

Kerry Gallagher
Professeur des Universités
Géosciences Rennes
Université de Rennes 1
Campus de Beaulieu
Rennes 35042

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