Thread: N4, RefNet, and EARN Station Transfer

Started: 2019-03-09 00:50:59
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Kasey Aderhold
2019-03-09 00:50:59
Dear IRIS Community,

The N4, RefNet, and EARN stations, all former Transportable Array stations,
are being transitioned to USGS and other operators with all data
acquisition to be fully transferred by March 15. Seismic data will still be
available via IRIS DMC, with some variation in sample rates and location
codes as determined by the new operators. For the USGS operated stations,
ANSS operators should have access to the streaming data via ANSS.

This transition includes:

- 142 N4 and RefNet stations transferred to USGS
- 23 N4, RefNet, and EARN stations transferred to other operators
- The removal of 23 N4 and RefNet stations due to descoping and declined

The full list of adopted or continuing Transportable Array stations is
available under the virtual network _US-TA-ADOPTED ( Note that this will be updated
soon to include the most recent transfers.

Landowners and the public can view data in webicorder or event views from
stations or locate the nearest station with real-time data using the
IRIS Station
Monitor app (

IRIS would like to thank National Science Foundation (NSF) for their
support of the CEUSN over the past eight years and for their leadership of
a multiagency effort to extend observations of seismicity in the central
and eastern US.

- Bob Busby and the Transportable Array Team

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