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Started: 2019-03-14 00:09:27
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Guilherme de Melo
2019-03-14 00:09:27

I have an earthquakes dataset in css format but the header fields is don't
have informations about the events. I am trying write script to the SAC
open the files and edit the header informations (EVLA, EVLT, STLA, STLT and
STDP). The STLA, STLT and STDP has fix value and it worked normal, but
occurred an error with earthquakes coordinates. The coordinates is stored
in colummns of a file .txt. I tried use this command to edit the latitude
in sac:

ch EVLA cut -d " " -f6 Equatorial_earthquakes.2013.H2.txt

Could someone help me?

My best regards,
Guilherme de Melo

Guilherme Weber Sampaio de Melo
Master's seismology research - UFRN/BR

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