Thread: Planetoid datum attributes for lat/lon in station service

Started: 2019-06-11 11:22:40
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Hi Web Service Users-

You may have heard that IRIS DMC is beginning to serve time series data from the InSight lander on Mars, in partnership with the NASA’s PDS (Planetary Data System) and the IPGP’s MSDS (Mars SEIS Data Service). We also have metadata on Apollo mission seismic stations to the Moon. Given this expansion of our data holdings into the solar system, we have been working to get our services and tools to recognize when to represent location coordinates in non-Earth terms.

As a result, the fdsnws-station service now includes a 'datum' attribute with Latitude and Longitude elements when users request XML formatted metadata for a non-Earth location. What looks like this for Earth:


Now looks like this for Mars:

<Latitude datum="Mars 2000 planetocentric, MOLA geoid">4.502384</Latitude>
<Longitude datum="Mars 2000 planetocentric, MOLA geoid">135.623444</Longitude>

or this for the Moon:

<Latitude datum="Moon">-3.04</Latitude>
<Longitude datum="Moon">-23.42</Longitude>

We have also added an additional header to these other-worldly locations for GeoCSV. This is only added when a non WGS84 (Earth) datum is represented:


#dataset: GeoCSV 2.0
#delimiter: |
#geodetic_datum: Mars 2000 planetocentric, MOLA geoid
#field_unit: unitless | unitless .....
#field_type: string | string | ......


#dataset: GeoCSV 2.0
#delimiter: |
#geodetic_datum: Moon
#field_unit: unitless | unitless ....
#field_type: string | string | .....
XA|S12||MHZ|-3.04|-23.42|0.0|0.0|0.0|-90.0|Apollo PSE Alsep Seismometer|.....
XA|S12||MHZ|-3.04|-23.42|0.0|0.0|0.0|-90.0|Apollo PSE Alsep Seismometer|.....


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