Thread: AGU Session S008 - Deep earthquake observations, mechanism, and related subduction dynamics

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Please consider submitting you abstract to session S008: "Deep earthquake observations, mechanism, and related subduction dynamics"

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Session description:
The physical mechanism of deep (including Intermediate-depth and deep-focus) earthquakes remains an outstanding scientific question in geophysics. At depths of 70 km and greater, increasing temperature and pressure should promote ductile deformation and inhibit brittle failure, which contradicts the observation of the existence of deep earthquakes. Studying deep earthquake sources thus provides very unique clues to this outstanding question of what causes deep earthquakes, more specifically, on how deep earthquake nucleates and how earthquake rupture propagates. Investigating deep earthquakes can also help better understand mineralogical, petrological, and geodynamic processes around and within subducted slabs. This session aims at combining seismological observations, geodynamic simulations, mineralogical and petrological experiments to better constrain slab geometry, elastic and anelastic properties and chemical composition within slab, intra-slab stress distribution, the spatial distribution of slab nucleation and rupture relative to the slab properties, and thus the physical mechanism of deep earthquakes.

Yu Chen, Los Alamos National Laboratory, esschenyu<at>
Min Chen, Michigan State University, chenmi22<at>
Eric Burdette, Brown University, eric_burdette<at>
Lingsen Meng, UC Los Angeles, meng<at>

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