Thread: Message from Doug Wiens, Chair of IRIS Board of Directors

Started: 2019-09-27 09:05:18
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Dear IRIS Consortium Members and Friends,

On behalf of the IRIS Board of Directors, I would like to follow up on Bob Detrick’s recent announcement of his intention to retire as IRIS President effective next summer. First of all, I would like to extend a wholehearted “thank you” from the Board to Bob for his outstanding leadership of the consortium over the last 5+ years. Bob has led IRIS successfully through the long process of recompeting our primary NSF funding, and through the details of implementing the new five-year SAGE award. Bob has kept the Board appraised of his timeline for retirement, so that we have been able to develop plans for the transition to new leadership. Also, Bob has assured us that he will remain fully committed to IRIS and its mission until the transition occurs next year. Those of you who know Bob will have no doubt that he will continue to energetically pursue the best interests of IRIS until the end of his tenure.

The IRIS Board of Directors has established a Search Committee, chaired by board member Chuck Ammon, to carry out a search for the next IRIS President. The Search Committee will be seeking input from the community in identifying top candidates for the position. Please feel free to contact Chuck (cja12<at> <cja12<at>>) with your suggestions of community members who would provide strong leadership for IRIS. Although there may be some changes coming in the next few years, any changes will also bring new opportunities to enhance and expand our role in supporting our members’ programs in research and education.

Douglas Wiens

Chair, IRIS Board of Directors
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