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Kasey Aderhold
2019-10-01 11:02:14
Hello to all EarthScope Synthesis Workshop organizers and participants,

As part of the SAGE/GAGE workshop held this fall in Portland, Oregon, we
are organizing a special interest group meeting on the EarthScope synthesis
workshops. This will serve as a space for representatives from the
workshops to briefly present and discuss results, and also to promote any
future opportunities to get involved in each topic covered. If you would be
interested in presenting on behalf of your workshop(s) or would like to
nominate someone else who will be attending the SAGE/GAGE workshop, please
let me know. A projector will be available, but no slides are required.


Synthesis of Syntheses: A Retrospective and Results of EarthScope Workshops

Day/Time: Thursday, October 10th, 5:30-6:30pm

As part of the National Science Foundation funded EarthScope program,
numerous synthesis workshops were convened with assistance from the three
EarthScope National Offices: Oregon State University 2007–2011, Arizona
State University 2011–2015, and University of Alaska Fairbanks 2015–2019.
Synthesis workshops were initiated and executed from within the community,
with topics ranging from regionally focused (Cascadia Subduction Zone, San
Andreas Fault, Rio Grande Rift, southern Appalachia) to research targets
(hydrogeodesy, craton evolution, lithosphere/athenosphere boundary). These
workshops fostered interdisciplinary collaborations, research coordination
networks, and provided valuable opportunities for early career researchers.
This SIG will serve as a venue to review the findings from each EarthScope
synthesis workshop and present future directions of active working groups.

Recent EarthScope synthesis workshops

- Mendocino Triple Junction Observatory
- Develop a New Model for the 4-D Evolution of North America
- Structural and Tectonic Evolution of the Southern Margin
- Evolution of the Southern Appalachian Lithosphere
- Hydro-geodesy
- Toward a 3D model of the Cascadia Subduction Zone
- Unscrambling the Midcontinent Rift
- SAFOD: Reviewing Past Predictions, Key Results, and Future
- Life and Death of a Craton: A 4D EarthScope Perspective on the Role
of the Wyoming Craton in the Evolution of North America


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