Thread: EGU 2020: session on Open and FAIR (data) opportunities, challenges and other adventures

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Dear colleagues,

let me join the choir of EGU-session advertisement-reminders - please consider contributing to

The evolving Open and FAIR ecosystem for Solid Earth and Environmental sciences: challenges, opportunities, and other adventures (co-sponsored by AGU)

The session is part of a strong program in the Earth and Space Science Informatics (ESSI) program group addressing the broad topic of ‘research data lifecycle’, which should be of interest not only to ‘data managers’ but to all scientists who interact with data … and who doesn’t?

If you think that session doesn’t fit but you still have a story to tell about your experience with Open and FAIR and all related issues, you could check these:

Breaking down the silos: enabling Open and convergent research and e-infrastructures to answer global challenges

Best Practices and Realities of Research Data Repositories

ESSI3.2 is focusing on how FAIR and Open affect the general ‘research life (cycle)’ - ESSI 3.5 looks more into the future (e)infrastructures that will be needed to efficiently inter-operate on all that FAIR and Open data - ESSI3.6 specifically targets operational issues of research data repositories.

Also take note of the related and relevant Townhall meeting

Science, no Fiction: The Environmental and Earth Science Starship Enterprise has taken off! Open Science and Open Data across the Universe

where many of the issues will be discussed with an even wider view.

Looking forward to lots of interesting and challenging contributions!

Kind regards,

Florian, for the convenors

Ari Asmi
Helen Glaves
Shelley Stall
Lesley Wyborn
Florian Haslinger

ps - don’t forget… abstract deadline is less than a week from today …

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