Thread: Fwd: Joining chunks of SAC files

Started: 2020-02-05 09:16:17
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Abhash Kumar
2020-02-05 09:16:17
I want to join multiple SAC files of variable duration to create a single
SAC file of 24-hour duration. I extracted these SAC files from Antelope
database using db2sac. Originally, I tried to extract 24-hour long SAC
files for each station, which worked for most of the stations in the
database. However, for some stations, instead of getting one SAC file of
24-hour long, I get multiple SAC files of variable sizes for each
component. I attached output (from Antelope) SAC files for one particular
station and one component for reference. Does anyone has any script to join
SAC files based on their time stamps. I would much appreciate any help.

Abhash Kumar

06:12:13 v.ad6b513c