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Rikki Anderson
2020-09-15 10:24:25
Now more than 40 years old, the field of seismic tomography has provided an
unprecedented look at the 3D internal structures of the Earth. But as
tomography enters its middle age, it’s time to take stock and explore new
ideas and questions.

Led by Co-Chairs Andreas Fichtner of ETH Zürich and Clifford Thurber of the
University of Wisconsin-Madison, the Seismological Society of America is
convening five virtual tomography sessions Each two-hour session will
feature five presentations, followed by group discussion led by prominent

*Cutting-edge Methods for Seismic Imaging I*6 October 2020 at 10 AM Pacific
Featured Discussants: Jeroen Ritsema (University of Michigan) and Carl Tape
(University of Alaska Fairbanks)


- "Markov Chain Monte Carlo Regional Tomography Models of Western North
America: Findings from Alaska & Southern California." Elizabeth Berg,
University of Utah
- "Adjoint Tomography of New Zealand's North Island Using an Automated,
Open-source Workflow." Bryant Chow, Victoria University of Wellington
- "Seismic Traveltime Tomography Based on Stochastic Voronoi Cells
Parameterization: Applications from Local to Global Scales." Hongjian Fang,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
- "Accelerating Global-Scale Full-Waveform Inversion." Sölvi
Thrastarson, ETH Zürich
- "Uncertainty Quantification in Full Waveform Tomography with Ensemble
Data Assimilation - Methods and Anisotropy." Julien Thurin, Université
Grenoble Alpes

Read the full abstracts and learn more about the Tomography virtual
sessions on our website

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