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Started: 2020-10-05 10:26:13
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Laura Ermert
2020-10-05 10:26:13
Dear all!
Join us for a series of webinars on correlation seismology! During 4
talks spread over 4 weeks starting October 28th, speakers Anne
Obermann, Victor Tsai, Shravan Hanasoge, and Pierre Boué will give an
overview of this exciting field of study.
They are free and open to anyone upon registration, so please feel free
to forward this announcement to interested students or colleagues.
Please sign up here for participating in one or several webinars (we
will send the zoom link to registered participants).

Preceding the upcoming AGU session “Correlation seismology: A new
perspective on seismic interferometry”, we intend to highlight aspects
of seismic interferometry that do not require convergence to a Green’s
function, thus allowing for greater flexibility with respect to source
characteristics and providing new means of interpreting correlograms.
Session topics include ambient noise monitoring with repetitive
signals, global coda-wave interferometry, ambient noise source
inversion, and data selection strategies.
To establish a common starting point, and to foster an inclusive
atmosphere for early-career participants, we organize this series of 4
webinars by experts in different fields of correlation seismology. To
accommodate participants in various time zones, webinars take place at
different times of the day.

“Noise tomography of the Sun and stars” – Shravan Hanasoge, TIFR,
28 October, 9:30 pm Mumbai/IST (5 pm Zurich/CET, 12 noon Boston/EDT, 3
am Canberra/AEDT)

“Time-lapse imaging of the subsurface with seismic noise” – Anne
Obermann, ETH Zürich, Zürich
04 November, 11 am Zurich/CET (3:30 pm Mumbai/IST, 5 am Boston/EST, 9
pm Canberra/AEDT)

“Seismic interferometry for deep Earth imaging” – Pierre Boué, ISTerre,
11 November, 11 am Grenoble/CET (3:30 pm Mumbai/IST, 5 am Boston/EST, 9
pm Canberra/AEDT)

“Noise correlation source-structure tradeoffs and how to reduce them” –
Victor Tsai, Brown University, Providence
18 November, 11 am Boston/EST (5 pm Zurich/EST, 9:30 pm Mumbai/IST, 3
am Canberra/AEDT on 19th of November!)

We would be happy to see you there,
Laura Ermert, Son Pham, Korbinian Sager and Arjun Datta

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