Thread: SSA 2021 Session - Network Seismology: Keeping the Network Running While Integrating New Technologies

Started: 2020-12-28 16:28:20
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The 2021 SSA Annual Meeting will be virtually held 19–23 April 2021 ( Please consider submitting an abstract to the session "Network Seismology: Keeping the Network Running While Integrating New Technologies" which covers a wide variety of seismic monitoring topics.

Abstracts are due soon.

Session Description:
This session highlights the unique observations, opportunities, challenges and future directions of seismic operation centers. Seismic operation centers play a crucial role in collecting seismic data, generating earthquake products, including catalogs, warnings and maps of ground shaking and responding to many stakeholders, including government agencies and the public. The purpose of the session is to foster collaboration between network operators, inform the wider seismological community of the interesting and challenging problems within network seismology and look to the future on how to improve monitoring capabilities. We encourage submissions related to challenges faced by networks from crises like the COVID shutdown, fires and other natural disasters. We also encourage submissions describing new techniques that would benefit network operations for detecting and locating earthquakes, particularly in a near real-time environment. We are especially interested in algorithms and machine learning (ML) applications, especially comparisons between ML and tried and true human-design algorithms and examples of where ML has been implemented into network operations.
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