Thread: Registration Closing on February 3rd - Virtual Marine Seismology Symposium - March 8-19, 2021

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Registration for the Marine Seismology Symposium will be closing soon on
February 3rd. The symposium will be held virtually over two weeks, March
8-19th, 2021. There is no registration fee for this meeting but you must
register by February 3rd to participate as a presenter or as an attendee.
Space is limited! Register now to reserve your spot:

The symposium will include plenary science sessions as well as virtual
"poster" sessions, all held via Zoom and a website-based meeting platform.
You will need to be registered to access the meeting content. The plenaries
will be held in 6 main sessions, each 2-4 hours in length, over the course
of the two weeks with at least one session held in a Euro/Asia friendly
time zone. Recordings of plenaries will be made available to view shortly
after the sessions. "Posters" will be presented via pre-recorded videos
along with live moderated sessions. Discussion forums will also be
available for further asynchronous interactions. Complementary special
interest group discussions and related events will also be facilitated with
the resources we have available. A draft agenda is available on the
symposium website: The final
agenda and more information on the "poster" presentations will be sent out
in mid-February.

Feedback throughout the planning and execution of the Marine Seismology
Symposium is always welcome. Please send an email to kasey<at> and
your thoughts will be shared with the organizing committee.

We are looking forward to this event and hope you will join us in March!
Feel free to send this email on to other mailing lists or potential

The Marine Seismology Symposium Organizing Committee: Kasey Aderhold
(IRIS), Emily Roland (WWU), Masako Tominaga (WHOI), Anne Tréhu (OSU), Bob
Woodward (IRIS), Patrick Hart (USGS), Donna Shillington (NAU), Sean Higgins
(LDEO), Sean Gulick (UTIG), Monica Kohler (Caltech), Helen Janiszewski (U
of Hawaii, Manoa), Lindsay Worthington (UNM), Anne Bécel (LDEO), John
Orcutt (SIO), Guilherme de Melo (UFRN), Jianhua Gong (MIT), Liam Moser


Kasey Aderhold, Ph.D.
Project Associate | IRIS TA/IS Management
202-407-7019 | kasey<at> | (she/her)
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