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Dear Colleagues,

Please consider registering for these two (2) upcoming events:

1) Webinar: Thursday March 25, 2021: 3-4:30 ET

Register: here (space may be limited)

Focus: White Paper authors will give brief overviews (<2 minutes each) of their papers, followed by an hour-long discussion for all authors.

Prior to webinar: Short pre-recorded presentations (~10 minute each) will be made available about a month prior to the meeting here. Please watch these before attending the live-session.

2) Virtual Workshop: Tu-We, Fr April 6-7, 9, 2021

Title: Future Directions for Seafloor Geodesy

Register: here (space may be limited)

Times: 1-5 pm Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

Location: Virtual

Caregivers: Limited funds are available to help defray the cost of childcare during the meeting, please respond with these needs during registration, and look for a follow-up email before the meeting.

Focus: This workshop will bring together and build the seafloor geodesy community, including scientists from academic institutions, government agencies, and international partners. During the workshop we will address the current status of existing, the development of emerging, and plans for future technologies in the field. As well, the workshop is essential to develop plans for the use of a recently funded pool of GNSS-Acoustic and Bottom Pressure Recorder seafloor geodetic instruments. The workshop will identify high priority scientific questions and targets for this instrument pool and the community preferred structure for managing the utilization of the instrument pool.

Workshop and Webinar Goals:

* Identify the active community, and their interest in performing experiments and working with seafloor geodesy data/equipment.
* Get community feedback on input on interests in seafloor geodetic instrument pool usage, including getting input on preferences for community-versus PI-led projects, and the levels of technical support, need for a facility, and data reduction PI or community users would like.
* Evaluate possible targets; particularly should community targets dominate discussion.
* Seek feedback on inclusive and diverse workforce development to grow the community interested in ocean-going seafloor geodetic research.
* Inform the community of the technologies and seek feedback on the instrument mix or technologies that should be considered for future development for seafloor geodesy. What are the opportunities that can spur innovation in seafloor geodesy?

All participants in this workshop and webinar agree to follow the UNAVCO Code of Conduct
More information about the upcoming webinar, workshop, the seafloor geodetic instrument pool, and past events are available at www.seafloorgeodesy.org

Program Committee:
James Foster, Bruce Haines, Yoshihiro Ito, Laura Wallace, Janet Watt, Mark Zumberge

Organizing Committee:
Andrew Newman, Noel Bartlow, Benjamin Brooks, Donna Charlevoix, Bruce Haines, David Schmidt

NSF-OCE, with cooperation from NASA-ESI, USGS

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