Thread: IAGA-IASPEI 2021; Call for abstracts, session J5

Started: 2021-03-29 17:33:14
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Fiona Darbyshire
2021-03-29 17:33:14
Dear Colleagues,

We would like to draw your attention to the IAGA-IASPEI symposium, which will be held online in August 2021. The deadline for submitting abstracts is fast approaching: April 15 2021.

Please join us for session J5 on geophysical studies of cratons and their role in economically important mineral resources; details as follows:

Session J5: Cratons & Mineral Exploration
Convener: Stephan Thiel (stephan.thiel<at><stephan.thiel<at>>)
Co-Conveners: Fiona Darbyshire (darbyshire.fiona_ann<at><darbyshire.fiona_ann<at>>) | Prasanta Patro (patrobpk<at><patrobpk<at>>)
We seek contributions pertinent to exploration of cratons and the mapping of mineral systems using electromagnetic and seismic techniques. Contributions that characterize cratons across scales from lithospheric mapping to camp size using array and profile data are invited for this symposium. It includes multi-disciplinary interpretations using other geophysical (e.g. gravity, magnetics, electrical, geoid, heat flow) and geochemical (e.g. xenolith, isotope, geochronology) data, which are able to infer mantle and crustal fertility. We encourage submissions that highlight the importance of lithospheric architecture on position and genesis of mineral systems, including but not limited to iron-oxide-copper- gold (IOCG), sediment-hosted deposits, porphyry deposits, gold and diamond deposits.

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Best regards,

Fiona Darbyshire.

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