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A quick reminder that the abstract submission deadline for this year’s IASPEI meeting
is coming up next week (April 15). Check out;!!Mih3wA!VwcMKcgsFRE8VvMAJ58gcy0rWtmhCg_Nq4Wk9bRtsFVuc4dlpV1ed2KFcx4dP-0$>
for details.

As the conveners of symposium S17 "The Crust of Oceans, Margins and Continents - From regional to global context", we solicit contributions to this session. We are happy to announce Weisen Shen from SUNY at Stony Brook as our invited speaker.

"The Crust of Oceans, Margins and Continents - From regional to global context"

The crust has preserved a record of the evolution of a multitude of Earth systems. Advances in seismology have resulted in much richer and more complex picture of the crust than ever before. But ever new images and models also generate many new questions. A partial list of questions includes the process of crustal formation and modification, the presence of deep crustal fluids and/or partial melt, the geometry of crustal faults at depth, crustal modification by lateral crustal flow, the existence and origin of crustal seismic anisotropy and the age and physical properties of the Moho and mid-crustal discontinuities. This session welcomes seismic and non-seismic studies of the Earth's crust on regional and global scales, particularly those with a multi-disciplinary perspective.

Gabi Laske and Walter Mooney

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