Thread: Magnetotelluric Science Resources Mini-Course at GAGE/SAGE Workshop

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To Whom It May Interest,

I wanted to raise awareness of a Magnetotelluric (MT) Professional
Development Mini-Course occurring on August 18th from 2-4 PM Eastern.
This event is part of the NSF-sponsored U.S. Geophysical Facilities
(GAGE and SAGE) workshop "Revealing Earth Systems: Integrating Spatial
and Temporal Data" ( which will
occur online during the week of August 16-20.

The mini-course is designed to introduce potential users to the new
NSF-sponsored resources for facilitating MT science that have been
established over the last two years at the PASSCAL Instrument Center,
which is part of the SAGE facility operated by IRIS. We will have over a
dozen speakers/panelists from the SAGE portable instrument facility and
US MT science community providing their expertise and perspectives.
Simplified agenda:

* Welcome, Motivation & Goals, and Introductions (5 min)
* Introduction to the SAGE MT facility (10 min)
* Participant survey (10 min)
* Science applications of portable MT instruments (25 min, 7-8 mins each)
o Antarctica
o Mt. St. Helens
o Geothermal
* PASSCAL Instrument Center MT Resources (25 mins)
o PASSCAL MT equipment pool
o PASSCAL support
o Requesting instruments
o Deployment and operation of an MT station
o Pre-AGU MT workshop
* Questions (5 min)
* Feedback from NSF on successful EAR proposals and approaches for MT
(10 min)
* Panel discussion on how to integrate MT into experiments and
proposals to NSF, DOE, etc. (30 min)

You must be registered for the workshop ($130 regular/$40 student) to
attend the mini-course:

The workshop stretches across disciplinary boundaries and focuses on
elements that are common to the diverse disciplines and applications
within geodesy, seismology, and other geophysical disciplines. It
highlights synergies across geophysical research communities in time,
space, and methods for approaching datasets and changes in the Earth
System. It provides an opportunity to learn about cutting edge research,
engage with other members of the community, and expand technical skills.

Participants at institutions in low and low-middle income countries may
request a fee waiver by emailing community<at>

Cheers, A

Andy Frassetto, PhD, Seismologist
MT Program Manager
Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology

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