Thread: Re: Hi This is Lee, I want to check my SAC file integrality

Started: 2011-09-10 00:44:52
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Dear Lee,

Sometime I used two programs in windows XP: "Seisgram2k" or "dimas",
but they have some limited, for little job. You can find by Internet.

Hello this is Lee.

I just make a sac file with my own program. But I have no tool to prove
made properly.

So I tried to using viewer to prove but My operating system is windows XP
so I can't get programs to prove integrality my sac files.

Is there are any chance that I can prove it in windows XP system?

Or If I make sac with all required field filled, then can I assume it
open in any viewer? If I didn't fill about time information, my assumption
is that viewer will don't display time, but data is shown.

In short, If I correctly filled required fields then is it opened in any

Thanks for reading. :)
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