Thread: Rupture and Fault Zone Observatory Special Interest Group Meeting at GAGE/SAGE Workshop - August 19th, 2-4 PM Eastern

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We would like to invite participation in the special interest group (SIG)
meeting on Shaping the Design of the Rupture and Fault Zone Observatory
(RuFZO) occurring on August 19th from 2-4 PM Eastern. This event is part of
the NSF-sponsored U.S. Geophysical Facilities (GAGE and SAGE) workshop
"Revealing Earth Systems: Integrating Spatial and Temporal Data" ( which will occur online during
the week of August 16-20.

Geophysical data within rupture zones of significant earthquakes are
essential for testing and developing further models of earthquake
processes. However, such data have never been captured in-situ because this
undertaking requires continuous measurements with dense array sensors
concentrated near faults. Recently, a joint SCEC-IRIS-UNAVCO collaboration
responded to NSF’s Mid-scale Research Infrastructure-2 solicitation by
proposing a systematic deployment of linear instrumental arrays that cross
the three major branches of the San Andreas system in southern California.
The proposed Rupture and Fault Zone Observatory (RuFZO) is focused on
in-situ observations in the immediate vicinity of fault zones where rocks
suffer permanent deformation during faulting events. Near-fault arrays
collecting continuous seismic and geodetic measurements and dense temporary
nodal surveys will complement, and be integrated with, the data recorded by
the regional networks.

Anyone interested in the RuFZO project is invited to participate in this
short interest group session. Early career researchers and students are
especially encouraged to participate and to learn more about publicly
available data to be collected by the proposed observatory, as well as
training opportunities in the design and implementation of large Geoscience

This is a follow-on opportunity from an earlier workshop in April focussed
on shaping the facility design. An executive summary of the April RuFZO
workshop is available at:
Throughout spring and summer 2021, participants shared their ideas and
provided additional input on developing RuFZO via online questionnaires
and/or by contributing a short video or extended abstract. We will make
available videos and abstracts for which authors have granted permission to
share publicly. Your input will inform the development of the full RuFZO

Simplified agenda:
• Introduction (Bob Woodward)
• RuFZO - Overview and Science (Yehuda Ben-Zion)
• RuFZO - Design Updates (Bob Busby)
• RuFZO - Training (Bob Woodward)
• Discussion on Key Topics (Science Goals, Training, Fault Crossing Arrays,
Nodal Surveys, Geodetic, Site Selection)
• Conclusion and Future Opportunities

You must be registered for the workshop to attend this SIG:

The GAGE/SAGE workshop stretches across disciplinary boundaries and focuses
on elements that are common to the diverse disciplines and applications
within geodesy, seismology, and other geophysical disciplines. It
highlights synergies across geophysical research communities in time,
space, and methods for approaching datasets and changes in the Earth
System. It provides an opportunity to learn about cutting edge research,
engage with other members of the community, and expand technical skills.


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