Thread: Metadata requests for older miniseed volumes fails, perhaps due to changes in location codes

Started: 2021-11-22 16:46:31
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I have 10+ years of miniseed volumes with event data from IRIS Wilbur.
I have automated procedures to obtain station/channel gain and
coordinate metadata based on the NetStaLocChan identifiers in the miniseed.
These procedures fail to get results from for
some stations/channels, for example:

I think that the problem is that at some time in the past few years the
location codes for the stations were changed, for example the channel
above now shows up in MDA as:

so the old location "--" (from 2011) is now either 00 or 10.

Is there any procedure or work-around to get metadata for a channel as
it was identified in the past?



PS - The relevant miniseed obtained with Wilbur in 2011 is here:

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