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Charlotte Rowe
2022-01-10 17:17:18
We would like to draw your attention to a special session being offered at the SSA meeting:

Advances in Seismoacoustic Methods for Explosion Monitoring

National and global security are ongoing missions whose needs are supported significantly
through seismoacoustic research and development. In particular, seismic and acoustic research
relevant to the detection and description of explosions – their source properties, coupling,
explosive yield, phase generation and ground and atmospheric wavefield propagation – is
critically important to the ability to discern anthropogenic explosion activity and assess its
importance to the monitoring effort. We invite contributions relevant to the challenging field of
seismoacoustic explosion monitoring, with a special focus on smaller sources, noise mitigation
strategies, machine learning and deep learning applications, cloud computing, laboratory to
local to teleseismic scale analyses and observations and new approaches to models and model

Charlotte A. Rowe, Los Alamos National Laboratory (char<at>
Delaine Reiter, Applied Research Associates (dreiter<at>
Sean Ford, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (ford17<at>
Keith Koper, University of Utah (koper<at>
Fransiska K. Dannemann, Sandia National Laboratories (fkdanne<at>
Michelle E. Scalise, Nevada National Security Site (scalisme<at>

Abstract submissions are due Wednesday, January 12 2022 and are accepted online at

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Thank you and we hope to see you in April!

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