Thread: IRIS Undergraduate Internship Program - Deadlines approaching!

Started: 2022-01-26 09:26:41
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Just a quick reminder that the IRIS Undergraduate Internship Program is seeking applicants for the summer of 2022. We need your help by spreading the word to your students! The deadline is quickly approaching… applications must be received by February 1 with letters submitted by February 15th.

The IRIS Undergraduate Internship Program is a fully-funded research opportunity* for undergraduate students interested in applying their math, physics, and geoscience knowledge to explore Earth processes and its interior. We are excited to receive applications from students representing the full spectrum of society, as well as students with lived experiences such as those with disabilities, veterans, and non-traditional students.

Best Wishes,
Michael Hubenthal
Senior Education Specialist

PS> Please also consider mentoring* a talented undergraduate through the program! The deadline for mentor applications is Feb 15th.

*IRIS is committed to supporting the next generation of seismologists by running the internship program during the summer of 2022. Our aim is to operate the program normally and in person if at all possible (our current plan). If that becomes impossible, we have outlined a spectrum of possibilities that includes running a 100% virtual program to ensure student education continues. We will also accommodate those who need to have virtual placements.

Michael Hubenthal
Senior Education Specialist
IRIS Education and Outreach
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of seismology & geophysics while inspiring
careers in Earth science"

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