Thread: GEOS 626/426 Applied Seismology at U. Alaska Fairbanks (virtual option), spring semester 2023

Started: 2022-11-08 06:55:20
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Dear all:

GEOS 626/426 will be offered as a 4-credit course at University of Alaska Fairbanks for spring semester 2023 (Jan 17 to April 30). The course will be hybrid/live, with some students via zoom and others in person. The work environment for labs and homework will be JupyterLab (Python), run on Amazon Web Services (via OpenSARlab), and these lab costs are sponsored (and free to students). For details on the course, including the scheduled days/times and the costs, please check out the course website:

If you might be interested, please fill out the short survey from the website. Please forward this email to those who might be interested.


Carl Tape
Professor, University of Alaska Fairbanks
Geophysical Institute (office 413D)
Email: ctape<at>
Phone: +1 907-474-5456
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