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Started: 2023-03-01 07:36:13
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Andreas Wuestefeld
2023-03-01 07:36:13
The Global DAS month of February 2023 is over. In total 159 earthquakes of M>5 were reported by USGS (see map below), amongst them the tragic series in Turkey. You can find a list here:
Also, we have a 24h period of continuous recordings on February 14th.

I would like to thank all participants for their efforts in contributing to this unique dataset. I understand that several units are in a remote location and data still needs to be collected. Also, data post-processing (downsampling,...) still needs some time.

We are working on a paper to give an overview and lessons learned from this initiative. It would therefor be great to have all data uploaded to the GLOBUS server by March 31st 2023. You may want to start with the meta-data as described at

The data will then be accessible for download for the research community for analysis.

Thanks again for all who participated or considered participating



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