Thread: DAS RCN Webinar Recording Posted - Detection of tsunami waves and ocean temperature anomalies with DAS

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The DAS RCN webinar "Detection of tsunami waves and ocean temperature
anomalies with DAS" was held
on May 25, 2023 and a recording is now available at:
Thank you again to our presenters, Carlos Becerril and Julián Pelaez both
at CNRS-Géoazur.

Abstract: In this talk we share some results on the potential of seafloor
DAS towards the detection of tsunami waves by estimating the expected
strain signal on a submarine cable due to the hydrostatic pressure and the
compliance effect from the changing sea-surface level. We will also discuss
observations of temperature-dominated signals embedded in conventional DAS
recordings, which in turn provide us with an unconventional sight into the
dynamics of the underwater environment. Observation of such phenomena in
deep ocean environments may lead to adoption of DAS sensors into the suite
of instrumentation considered for development of future ocean observatories
and tsunami warning systems.

If you are interested in joining the DAS RCN Marine Geology/Geophysics
Working Group or presenting at a future webinar, please get in touch with
Hannah Glover (Oregon State University), Meagan Wengrove (Oregon State
University), or Madison Smith (WHOI) - gloverha<at>,
meagan.wengrove<at>, or madisonmsmith<at>

Videos in the DAS RCN Webinar series are available here:

Hannah Glover, she/her/hers
Postdoctoral Scholar, Oregon State University
College of Engineering | School of Civil and Construction Engineering
Office: Batcheller 350, 603-479-6235

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