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Sorry I did not see this earlier. It may not be useful to the original
poster but I hope it can
save time and grief for future users.

I retired from employment in 2016. I have not been actively involved in
receiver function
research for many years. I wrote the codes beginning in the fall of 1984
and Prof. Charles
Ammon has made them available on his Penn State website for many years.
The codes were initially written to run on Prime computers using the SAC
Over time the codes were ported to Sun workstations and and various
versions of SAC,
and then to Mac OSX computers with g77 (later gfortran) and SAC in
both fortran
and later SAC2000 written in C. At some point Prof Ammon created a new
library iSACio for sac io written in C to bypass the SAC library. he has
available pn his website for a number of years and it has been reliable
You will need to obtain iSACio from Prof. Ammon's web page, build it and
the makefiles for the receiver function codes to use the iSACio library you
have built.
That should restore resplnt and other included codes to normal operation.
The problems reported were due to sacio routines from 1983 no longer working
properly and not creating the output file.

I hope this is useful to any future users of the codes for receiver
function synthetics and
other codes needing sacio for files. Thanks to Prof. Charles Ammon for
iSACio and making it available!

George Randalll

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